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The Effect of Selected Strategy on Unemployment of Youths in Yewa South Local Government Ogun State Nigeria



This paper seeks to investigate the effect of selected SMEs strategy on unemployment of youths in Yewa South Local Government Ogun State Nigeria.  A survey method was used to gather data from 50 SMEs officers and managers in Yewa South. In this research a total of 50 copies of the questionnaires were administered out of which 44 copies representing 88% of the questionnaire were properly completed and retrieved while 6 copies representing 12% was not retrieved.  Data was collected with a structured questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive statistics to identify the perception of the roles of SMEs in Nigeria.  The results shows that SMEs and sustainable development of the Nigerian economy are related just as promotion of SMEs and improvements in employment generation are related. Conclusively, the study reveals that for a nation to achieve meaningful and sustainable development, adequate attention must be given to wide spread of economic activities through entrepreneurship and SMEs generation. The study therefore recommends that for the present and future governance to achieve impressive development, more jobs should be created especially for the youths in form of small and medium scale enterprises through policy formulation and implementation since SMEs and economic development are related.

KEYWORDS: Development, sustainable, implementation, strategy and unemployment.

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